In this fast-paced world that we live in, getting things done seems more like a war zone—people scrambling in and out of their tasks, busily going about their business. But while the world rapidly changes before us, it does not mean that we also have to match its pace in order to be more productive. Tony Lister welcomes you to the What the Flow podcast, where he guides you to get into the flow state, into a peak zone of performance, where you make more money while also have deep connected intimacy in our world. People talk about getting into the flow like it is something elusive, but Tony believes this is a state that we can harness, manufacture, and tap into a regular basis. Join him in this podcast to get in the flow and find opportunities within the chaos.

The Flow State: Finding Opportunities Within The Chaos

Getting In The Flow Is A Necessity In Our Rapidly Changing World

I’m honored and excited that you would share this moment of your consciousness with me on the show where we talk about getting into a flow state, getting into a peak zone of performance. Where we make more money, where we have deep connected intimacy in our world and where we tap into radical intuition. I'm honored that you'll join me in this space. I'm going to be talking about how to operate more from this state of flow. Athletes, artists, authors and business leaders talk about it. People that are up to big things that need to get focused, need to get things done, that need to harness strength from within, create powerfully and they talk about this flow state. People talk about it as if it's this thing that's elusive, we can't grab, and we can't control necessarily. I fundamentally disagree. I believe this is a state that we can harness, manufacture and tap it into on a regular recurring basis.

Some of you are, “What is this disaster?” This is my parents living and I'll describe it. There's a foldout table in the middle of the room and there are four laptops on it and an iPad. Over on the table, there are a couple more laptops. It's a disaster. There are papers all over the couch. There are sticky note posters all over the walls. This place looks like a war zone. It is like an office threw up all over this room. I purposely chose to create the show to start it from the spot. I had scheduled to be creating the show, but I got a phone call that a family business that I've been helping to run for about many years, that there was a hostile takeover. For those of us in business, there are things that we can do legally and we can maneuver things because of paperwork, but they aren't necessarily the right thing to do. In this particular case, a dozen of my family members were fired.

I heard about it. I immediately bought a plane ticket, packed a bag, went straight to the airport. I came here. Within 24 hours of me hitting the ground, we had formed a new company. This is because I've formed a lot of companies in my life so I knew exactly what to do. I'm like, “We do this, this and this.” I helped harness a moment of chaos, where this business that it supported all these family members for a couple of generations was suddenly snuck out from under them and sold off to someone else and they were fired the next day. I hesitated in this room, particularly on this show. I thought, “I’ve got to clean it up.” It is a disaster. We've been here working in a little bit. People are going to start showing up. I'm doing this before everyone shows up.

I went to bed at 1:00. I'm sure it'll happen again, but we have come together, reorganize the business and created a new business. Several of the clients have said, “We’ve been with you for some years. We want to be with you.” We already have new clients’ revenue. We've got the business structure. We've got everything in place. We did this in a moment of extreme uncertainty and chaos. The reason that I chose this space to talk about this thing called flow is because there's this ridiculous idea of this airy-fairy flow state. We've all met people that are easy-going, relaxed, flowing, and it's cool, but often, they don't get things done. What I'm talking about in this place of flow is how do we create in a world of extreme change, chaos and uncertainty?

WFL 1 | The Flow State
The Flow State: Those who have the superpower of the flow state, the ability to go within and tap into the place of high productivity and creativity, will have the winning edge.

This is the world that we live in. It was funny because there's a part of that I was frustrated. It was the right thing for me to do to come and help my family. There's no question, but I was frustrated in terms of my own project of sharing this message and getting this stuff out that I think is important. It occurred to me what better place would there be to teach this from extreme uncertainty. The other thing that happened is my wife called about 3:00 in the morning and she freaked out. We live in the forest. There are wolves, coyotes and mountain lions. There are bears and there are large, big predators.

If she called, you can see what it was because the flashlight wouldn't shine it bright enough, but they were too large. She thought it was a couple of mountain lions circling this pen where we have a couple of goats on the hobby farm that we have. For 30 minutes, I could hear her breathing, huffing and trying to figure out how to get these goats that are in there. She scared them off. The dog barked at them and they came back. They climbed up a tree. They jumped in and killed one of the goats. They dragged it up into the woods and ate it. All of this is going on in this extreme uncertainty. For me, in wanting to share this message and these tools that have been a gift in my life and thousands of people's lives around the world as I've had this opportunity, the blessing to share them, I think that we are going to face more and more often extreme uncertainty.

There are changes happening that are fast with technology, with self-driving cars, with artificial intelligence, with outsourcing. The old things that we could count on, I could count on a certain amount of financial security because of a business that had been in place for many years. There was a part of me in this show, when I’m creating this, I've been raised in a place of needing to look good and a lot of facade maintenance. There's a part of me that doesn't want to say that this created financial uncertainty in my life. If I'm sharing this message, “I need to have my finances. I need to a billionaire or whatever.”

The reality is that we all face these things, where we're like, “I'm good. I got this. I got that. I had some investments that I did in 2019.” It was like, “This is amazing.” They were complete disasters and it's like, “I should've bought a car instead.” At least, I'd have something when it was done. There are the things that happened. There are changes that are happening with the outsourcing of jobs, with outsourcing to robots, with all of the changes that are happening that the uncertainty is going to become the norm. When we understand these tools, this process of getting into the flow state, getting into the zone, we can manage this uncertainty. We can take massive action. We can find an opportunity within the chaos.

When I heard this with my family, this was not going to be the original opening episode of this show, but it is what we all face on some level, whether they’re relationships. One day, this other human being that we're working on, having a connection and intimacy with comes in and says, “This isn't working for me. I'm a different human being. I have different preferences or something's changed or illness hits us.” In my case, several years ago, I got hit by a drunk driver. It completely resets my life, my career, all kinds of things. These things that happened in our lives, this chaos, this uncertainty, these changes. Oftentimes, we either go into fight, flight or freeze. In the space of time, these people that got fired couldn't even go and get unemployment, within that timeframe, before they could even get that done, we had already started a new business.

We had already gotten clients. We'd already gotten all these pieces in place. I attribute that. I have way more failed businesses than I have successful businesses, but I've had some successful businesses. I know the game. I'm not the world's greatest business guru, but I know how to get things done. In that space of complete disarray and uncertainty, I know how to tap into a flow state in a zone, in a place of certainty, quiet, confident and incredibly clear intuition and focus and channel that into creation. That's what this is going to be about. In this show, I’ll share different tools, experiences and stories. I like telling stories. I hope you like my stories because that's how I teach through stories.

I want to teach you how to harness this in you, how to find within you this place of certainty that exists, this place that went when everything on the outside goes haywire. You can get centered, settled and you know what to do. It's not fight, flight and it's not freeze. It's clarity, purpose and it's a certainty. In the coming decade with the transitions that are happening, I think we're all going to have to face into this. Those of us that have the superpower of the flow state. The ability to go within ourselves and tap into this place of high productivity and creativity. We will have the winning edge. We will have the superpower. We will have the ability to be outsourceable. In this show, I'm going to talk to you. I'm going sometimes to teach you principles and tools. Sometimes we'll do exercises right here as part of the show.

I'll take you through guided visualization exercises and other types of tools that can help you. Sometimes I'll bring oil and gas and be like, “Cool people that have figured out like some angle that's going to be useful for you in taking your game to the next level.” I want to welcome you. I am super honored that you would join me, share your time, your space and your reality with me. What's going to happen is when you learn to harness, when you develop this into a lifestyle, this is not some hocus pocus magic trick, this one time, you're going to have everything in your life work. This becomes a way of being. This becomes a way of you interfacing with the world and with yourself.

WFL 1 | The Flow State
The Flow State: When we understand the tools to process the getting into the flow state, we can manage uncertainty, take massive action, and find an opportunity within the chaos.

As you develop this and turn this into a habit, over time you’re an addict to this way of being. Your brain craves it. Your body craves it. It’s like the other types of addictions, only it's craving this peak state of awareness and this peak state of ability to get things done. What happens when you do that and you combine that with massive action in your life, then beautiful synchronicities come together. Unforeseen unplannable, some people call it luck. Some people call it a blessing. Some people call it a perfectly timed event, the right person at the right place at the right time. What I've seen over the last several years that I've been practicing this and teaching this to others is that, as you begin to apply these tools that will teach you and you do these processes, you do your work, you develop this within yourself.

Reading this is not going to develop new. You have to do the work. You've got to do the steps. As you do this, you will start having magic in your life. You'll start having synchronicities and beautiful things that cause you sometimes to cry. We witnessed this. There was a gentleman that we had helped. He was in a bad place and he was getting taken advantage of. We took care of him and we helped him. We protected him for his getting his house foreclosed on and it was bogus. We knew the rules of it so we intervened. The guy was an electrician that we'd use in some of our real estate projects, so he is not a sophisticated guy or simple good-hearted man. He was getting worked over in a situation where they're going to take his house.

We went in and we'd fixed it. He kept his house. He came to us and he heard what happened. He said, “My old lady and I had been talking. “We're going to refinance that house you helped us keep and we're going to set aside $100,000 for you to defer for starting up your new business. We know you're good for it.” There are these little beautiful things that come up when we operate from this place. I think that probably for me, the best part about it is I've spent a lot of my life afraid with low-level anxiety of uncertainty of the future. Is it going to work out? Am I going to fail?

I have a low level, almost always present anxiety. When I practice the tools I'm going to teach you, I get to have quiet within me. It's like an escape from that inner crazy. There are some cool experiences that you're going to have. There's going to be some beauty and some healing that happens in your life as you go down this path. I'm excited to share these with you so I can hear the people coming up. We're about to start a long workday. I'm excited to welcome you to the show and look forward to talking to you in the next episode. In the meantime, create yourself a fantastic day.